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My Story

In June of 2016 I released my debut, self produced single “Don’t Blow My High”. Born and raised in Texarkana, AR, my  earliest musical influences were Cab Calloway, B.I.G, Willie Nelson, Swisha House and many more. Those various influences combine to form a “conspicuous” sound, thus the signature in my productions. 


I graduated college May of 2016 with a degree in nursing, thereby expanding my ever growing passion for healthcare and preventative wellness. Shortly after, I released "Graduated", a four song EP encapsulating the mind-body-soul connection with sultry vocals and mellow vibes.

Sift through my personal  playlists (updated weekly) or shop  a selection of women's apparel and wellness products. This is a gateway to self expression, personal balance and human connection. Enjoy :)

#personalcare + art + wellness = #wellkeptwoman

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